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Making The Online Disc Golf Shopping Experience Better «

Last year a disc golf course was built in my area. I started playing regularly, and like so many of us, got addicted to the sport. I’d played a few times when I lived in Arizona and Texas a few years back, but owned only a Wham-o Frisbee starter set. At the time, I assumed there were just three discs: putter, midrange, and driver, and I couldn’t even really tell what the difference was between my midrange and driver. I had no idea what stability was, or that there were plastics of higher quality that wouldn’t get dings after every throw.

Eventually, I discovered Innova, and spent hours on their website learning about all the different types of discs, their flight paths, plastic varieties, their flight rating system, and about disc golf in general. This information was very useful for helping me to understand the sport and the different types of golf discs. My co-worker, Kirk Salisbury and I decided that we wanted to start a disc golf blog from the perspective of beginners.  I started purchasing as many Innova discs as I could, and we tested them at a nearby park to discover how they flew, and which discs worked best for us. Soon I discovered there were other disc manufacturers as well, but these manufacturers didn’t always have the same flight ratings and information that Innova had.

We acquired discs from most of the major manufacturers, and eventually decided that we might as well become a disc retailer. So we did.

There are lots of different online disc retailers out there. We wanted to be different. We wanted to be better. Our goal was to provide the online shopper with all the information necessary to “find the perfect disc.” There are literally hundreds of different discs for sale by over a dozen different manufacturers. Most disc golfers don’t want to buy and test every disc in order to find the best ones.

Here are a few things that we have done to make disc buying experience better:

1. Search By Specific Criteria – Our “find the perfect disc” search engine allows you to narrow down your disc search criteria by almost everything imaginable. Search by disc speed, glide, turn, fade, stability, flight path, player skill level, recommended use, rim width, plastic grade, floating discs, glowing discs, and more. If you know you want a highly rated understable distance driver, simply select “distance drivers,” “understable,” “5 Star Rating,” and our search engine will show discs by all brands that match this criteria.


2. Standardized Flight Paths and Disc Dimensions – We have partnered with Inbounds Disc Golf to provide a standardized system of flight ratings for every disc, regardless of manufacturer. Using this data, we’ve also added Innova style flight ratings (Speed, Glide, Turn, Fade) to Discraft, Millennium, Vibram, MVP, Lightning, Ching, ABC , and other disc brands that don’t use this system.


3. Additional Disc Info – Plain and simple, our site just provides more information about each disc we sell. We display the discs diameter, height, rim depth, and rim width for every disc. We also provide information about each discs recommended use, and which skill level it is best suited for.


4. Ratings and Reviews – Because we have ratings and reviews from hundreds of different disc golfers, our site helps disc golfers to narrow down their searches to the top rated golf discs. Easily sort by top rated discs, then read the real, unbiased, reviews to determine which discs to actually buy. Would you rather listen to what the manufacturer says about their own disc, or what real disc golfers have experienced?


5. Easily Compare Discs by All Manufacturers – Perhaps you’re familiar with Innova, but want to branch out and try discs from other brands. Our site makes this easy. You can simply input your Innova discs flight ratings, then come up with a list of all the related discs. In addition, at the bottom of each page is a selection of four of the most similar discs based on disc speed and stability.

Similar Discs for Sale

Infinite Discs is still a work in process. We are continually working to make things better to provide disc golfers with the best online shopping experience. Eventually we hope to include live inventory data, and even more search options.

Please check out our website, rate and review the discs you like, enter to win free discs, and let us know what we can do to improve.


Here’s an article we submitted to that explains a little bit about our website and what we are trying to do.


How To Play Disc Golf In The Snow Without Losing Your Discs

On rare occasions, both disc and ribbon submerged below the snow. Even when this happened, the bright disc and ribbon were still partially visible through the thin layer of snow.

Using packaging tape, I simply taped a three foot long ribbon on top of the disc. After sixteen holes (using just the one disc for every drive and mid range shot), my tape fell off of my ESP Surge. The ribbon stayed on for the entire round for the Pro-D Buzzz and Surge that my brother used. Perhaps Duct tape would hold the ribbon better in the elements, and from our experience, the tape did seem to stay better on cheap Pro-D plastic discs. When applying the tape, make sure you do it inside to a room temperature disc with room temperature tape.

Once my ribbon was gone, my drives went a lot farther, but It was substantially harder to find my disc. Well worth the loss in distance for a more enjoyable round of snow DG. I’d estimate the riven reduced my distance by about 30%.

3. Be the first group to play after a new snowfall. When there were no footprints around, it was easy to see where discs went in the snow. When footprints were around, not so much. Especially after my ribbon fell off.

4. Bring a Towel and Keep it Dry. While the snow I played in was fairly dry, it was still nice to dry the disc off before each throw. The only problem was that my towel kept getting dragged in the deep snow. For other rounds of snow disc golf I’ve played I wore a jacket with a big pocket in the front. This made the perfect place to hold my towel, and my glove while I threw. When the snow is so light that your bag sinks 4 inches, chances are your towel will get wet.

The way the ribbon sticks out of the snow is really cool. I’ve also heard that using the BlackJack LED discs works in the snow. The light shines and you can see it through the snow. Haven’t tried it, but that could be a good way to find discs without the drag caused by ribbons.

Top Rated Speed 11 Distance Drivers

According to our reviewers, here are the best speed 11 drivers:

Latitude 64 Flow – The Flow is a relatively straight driver with incredible glide. It offers some turn, moderate fade. From 5 different votes, the Flow has a rating of 4.8.

Latitude 64 Flow - Top rated speed 11 driver.Michael says:

A GL Flow became my go to driver for anything that was dead straight and 350′-390′ just more than a year ago, and I’m still throwing that same exact disc for that toss. It’s glidey with predictable turn, and just a straight finish with a very, very slight hook just before touching down. It’s my go to distance driver and has opened a whole new combination of distance and accuracy that I’ve not before known.

Innova Wraith – The Wraith is perhaps the most popular speed 11 driver ever. Players often compare the way other drivers fly with the Wraith. This overstable driver has some turn, a nice strong fade, and is highly recommended for forehand/sidarm throws. From 11 votes, this disc has a rating of 4.64.

Innova WraithRakoz says:

If you have mastered basic form on sidearm and find yourself looking for a faster disc I highly recommend the wraith. It has been my go to controlled sidearm driver since release and no matter what “new and shiny” disc comes out I keep going back to the wraith. Good sidearm and backhand so it is versatile.

Innova Krait – The Krait is has a flight path that is very similar to  the Flow, but this disc is taller and has a deeper rim.. This is one of Innova’s newest distance drivers, and highly regarded. From 8 votes it has a rating of 4.63.

Innova Krait Speed 11 DriverAndrew Belet says:

My favorite driver, bar none. I carry five in the bag at all times. 2 champ (one metal flake), 1 star (Halloweenova special) and 2 Blizzards (158 and 159). I used to think nothing could be better than a Wraith..until the Krait came along. First throw and I was hooked.

It has the same turn as a Wraith, but with quite a bit less fade on the tail end of the flight. Thrown flat and hard and it will hold a straight line for a very long time (I’ve had a few go out past 320 dead straight) with a bit of fade at the end. It holds a hyzer to perfection, and I recorded my first forehand ace with this disc.

Discraft Surge SS – This less overstable version of the Surge has some very good reviews. Discraft gives the SS a stability score of 1.6, slightly less stable than the regular surge. From seven votes by reviewers on our website, the Surge has a rating of 4.57.

Surge-Z-SSCali Zac 89 says:

Surge SS is BUTTAH! Sidearm distance with it about 300-350 every time. So predictable when it comes to turn and fade, I don’t need to watch the flight to know where it will land. Perfect companion to bridge the gap between my flat dx surge and pop top z surge.

Great beginner driver!


Discraft Surge – This maximum distance driver offers incredible Glide and a nice consistent fade. Discraft gives this disc a stability rating of 1.7.  From 11 different votes, the surge has a rating of 4.57.

Discraft Surge Distance DriverAaron W says:

Discraft makes some great over-stable discs that are still beginner friendly. This reminds me of the Crush with a bit less turn. Very much like a rookie Nuke. Great all-around disc for newer players looking for something that can take a bit more power for drives while still resisting turnover. RHBH gildes like a shorter but more accurate Nuke. Forearm throwers will like the controlled turn with less power, and smooth S-curve lines with a touch more snap. Great for doglegs and fairway shots.

Speed 11 is just a good one for me. I really like Surges, the Flow and the Krait. Great speed for distance. All of these are excellent discs.

Best Speed 12 Distance Drivers | Infinite Discs

Top Rated Speed 12 Disc Golf Discs

Innova Destroyer – This popular disc had almost three times more votes than any of the other Speed 12 drivers, and most of Innova Destroyer - Top Rated Speed 12 Driverthem were very positive. From 14 votes, the Destroyer has a rating of 4.43. This disc is available in all of Innova’s standard plastics, and is recommended for all types of throws. Players are very appreciative of its manageable 2.2cm wing.

Bryson James says:

This is by far my favorite distance driver. I use a Champion Destroyer for Fore Hand max distance and Star Destroyers for Back Hand max distance. The rim of this disc is what makes is so awesome because it is so comfortable. If you have the muscle (over 400ft power) this is a must have disc. And this is also my first Ace disc!

Discraft Force – This very overstable driver has been rated a must have by all five voters. 5 Stars.

Discraft Force

Stuart Autry says:

Do you have a big arm? Do you want to throw as hard and far as possible and know your disc is not going to flip over? This is your disc. Massive distance potential, massive glide, massive fade. This disc is not for the weak armed. This is a disc for the 400 foot drivers out there. Super fast, super consistent, super dependable. ESP is decently overstable, Z is monster overstable. Really excels at all things so long as it’s meant to go far and fade at the end. Big hyzers, big flex shots, hard core winds, it does it all.

Westside Sword – This disc made by the Finnish Westside hase a rating of 4.63 from 8 votes. Disc Westside Sword - Best Distance Drivergolfers describe this disc as “perfectly stable.” It’s stable, doesn’t turn over, but doesn’t have a huge fade.

David W. says:

A great distance/control driver. I consider it to be both, as it has glide for days, fights wind, and will bomb as far as you can throw it. I also appreciate the consistency and control is provides. I’m throwing a VIP Sword further than any of my Destroyers, and I think this is due to the glide. Work in the disc, and watch it flex or hold any line you want it to. This disc instantly made my bag, and now is kicking out my beloved Destros.

DGA Hurricane –  This is DGA’s fastest driver, and at least a few people like it. From 3 votes, it has a rating of 4.67.

DGA Hurricane

Nick Kohn says this about the Hurricane:

I found a first run of this disc at one of the local courses (with no name or number on it) and BOY am i glad i did!!! I’ve been told its like a Force but not as overstable. I was shocked at how far this disc went the first time I threw it.

Innova TeeDevil – The powerful driver is fairly straight flying and mildly overstable. Several reviewers say the TeeDevil is their “go to” driver. From 5 votes, this disc has  a rating of 4.0.

Star Tee Devil

Reuben says:

This has been my go to side arm driver. Flies straight for me with a predictable fade at the end. Able to throw it about 350 feet. The Teebird started out too stable but has beat in to straight.

I love the Destroyer. When I’m looking for forehand distance, this is the disc I want in my bag. From these reviews, the Sword looks like a disc I should consider again. I really don’t like the Hurricane. I just don’t like DGA’s plastic.

Best High Speed “13” Drivers | Infinite Discs

Latitude 64 Bolt – The Bolt by Latitude 64 is considered an “understable” driver. This disc does have a high degree of Latitude 64 Bolt - Speed 13 Distance Driverturn, but a relatively big fade, so many intermediate players won’t see any understableness of this disc. When it comes to pure glide and distance, the Bolt does the job. While this disc has only had three votes, all the voters say it is a “must have.” 5 Stars.

Jason Says:

If you have a wide open field and need some serious distance, the Bolt may be what you are looking for. The Latitude 64 Opto plastic is the most durable plastic I have ever used. Latitude 64 Gold plastic, typically a little less stable, is the most beautiful plastic I have ever seen. You can’t go wrong with either plastic!

Latitude 64 Havoc –   The overstable Havoc is said to be very consistent and is highly recommended for forehand throws, Latitude 64 Havoc Golf Discfrom 3 Votes, the Havoc has a 4.67 rating.

Travis Baily Says:

Definitely my go-to driver. I have the gold line plastic, and there isn’t a single major mark on it.

It flies more consistently than any other driver I use, and stays in the air for what seems like FOREVER. I’d definitely recommend it to someone who has the arm strength to let it rip.

Discraft Nuke SS – The super stable version of the Nuke is by far the highest rated. This understable high speed disc is the Nuke SS High Speed Max Distance Driverdistance answer for many disc golfers. 9 Votes. 4.67 rating.

Derek O’Neil says:

This is my go to disc! I can get more distance with this disc than any others in my bag! When new it will follow a beautiful S-curve and when it is broken in, you can release on a hyzer line and it will turn over for maximum distance. For beginners, this disc is excellent! For the long bombs, this is the disc.

Discmania DD2 Frenzy – With flight ratings of 13/5/-2/2, the Discmania DD2 Frenzy is a far flyer, but doesn’t have quite Speed 13 Discmania Frenzy DD@as much movement as the Nuke SS or the Katana. From 8 votes, this disc has a 4.5 rating.

My favorite ultra high speed driver is the Westside King, which is actually classified as a speed “14” driver. I really like the Latitude 64 Bolt too..

Top Rated Overstable Drivers

According to reviewers at, here are the five overstable drivers that received the highest ratings (1-5).

Innova Wraith – The Wraith is an extremely popular disc for both backhand and forehand throws. This speed 11 driver Innova Wraith - Top Rated Overstable Driveroffers a degree of turn, reliable fade, and excellent control. From 11 votes, this disc has an average rating of 4.64.

Rakoz says:

If you have mastered basic form on sidearm and find yourself looking for a faster disc I highly recommend the wraith. It has been my go to controlled sidearm driver since release and no matter what “new and shiny” disc comes out I keep going back to the wraith. Good sidearm and backhand so it is versatile.

Westside Sword – The Sword is a speed 12 driver that resists turn, but doesn’t have a monster fade. Players like this disc Westside Swordbecause the rim isn’t “too wide” and it is stable, but not too overstable. From eight votes, the Sword has a rating of 4.63.

Kyle Stauffer says:

This is a great workhouse control driver! I’d described it as being extremely stable, but not overstable. In other words, I find it to have very little turn when flown flat. For me it flies lazer straight for about 350′ before finishing with a strong predictable fade. The tournament plastic is the best on the market right now – grippy and insanely durable.

Discraft Surge – The flight pattern of the Surge is very similar to the Wraith, and so are the rankings. Most players who use Discraft Surgethe Surge say this disc is a must have. From 7 votes, this disc has a rating of 4.57.

Kyle New says:

Everyone has that one disc that they absolutely love, whether it’s a putter, mid, fairway or driver. The surge however…. Is mine! There is no disc that I feel more comfortable with in my bag. This thing is everything I want in a driver. New ones are overstable, broken in ones are a little bit flippy, and beat in ones are really flippy. I prefer the ESP, but I do own a Z as well. I carry 5 in my bag. 1 173g Z for wind fighting and hyzers, 1 164g slightly broken in ESP for bombs, 1 173g new ESP as a back-up, 1 173g really beat up NateDoss ESP for my long turnovers, rollers, long anhyzers, and upshots, and finally my 173g mildly beat in ESP for all drives that need to be straight or even slight turnover. I can’t stress enough, how much I love this disc. I own 8 of em, 5 are in the bag, 3 are waiting for a place in my bag. I will get another Z one soon so I can have a back up Z.

Discraft Flick – When it comes to super overstable drivers, the Flick reigns supreme.  The Flick is a super flat disc that can Discraft Flickhandle hurricane strength winds. This disc is perfect for sharp dogleg shots. From 8 votes, the Flick has a rating of 4.5.

Dan H. says:

I don’t know what I would have done in a lot of situations without a Flick. Probably the most reliable driver in a headwind and for forehand shots. I have had several aces with them. I don’t think there are any other discs out there that can compare to it’s combination of overstability and speed. They are excellent for sharp doglegs.

Innova Destroyer – This speed 12 go to driver is the max distance choice for many disc golfers.  With a slight turn and Innova Destroyerminimum fade, the Destroyer provides results. From 14 votes, the Destroyer has a rating of 4.43.

Bryson James Says:

This is by far my favorite distance driver. I use a Champion Destroyer for Fore Hand max distance and Star Destroyers for Back Hand max distance. The rim of this disc is what makes is so awesome because it is so comfortable. If you have the muscle (over 400ft power) this is a must have disc. And this is also my first Ace disc!

Great list. I love the Destroyer and the Surge personally. It will be interesting to see if any of the new high speed drivers make the top list in 2013.