Top Rated Stable Distance Drivers

five highest rated stable distance drivers….

Latitude 64 Saint – The Saint is all about the glide. This isn’t a disc you need to try to throw hard, it goes the distance with Latitude 64 Saint - Top Rated Drivergood concise form. On downhill or downwind shots the Saint will go forever.  From 10 votes, this disc has a 4.8 rating.

Michael Says:

What a beautiful disc, both the plastic and the flight. I picked one up at 168g in Gold Line plastic. From the first toss, I was hooked. I throw this disc in the 350′ range, and my longest throws are in the 400′ range with either a GL Flow (for no fade) or a Star Wraith (for more hook at the end). This disc throws quite a bit like the Flow but with less effort. Power down a bit, snap good spin on it and just put it on a line, then stand back and watch this thing glide effortlessly.

Latitude 64 Flow – The Flow has a higher speed than the Saint, and requires more power, but this is also an excellent The Flow by Latitude 64gliding disc that goes the distance. This relatively straight flyer is a winner for both backhand and forehand throws. From 5 votes, the flow is rated with a 4.8.

James B. Says:

The Goldline Flow is my go to driver. Has superior glide with just the right amount of high speed turn that will make it fly forever! Has a very pretictable fade at the end also. It is the most consistent flying driver in my bag which is why I am always reaching for it. I have thrown the Opto also and it is a tad bit more stable than the GL. I just prefer the feel of the GL in my hand the most.

Innova Krait – This new Innova driver has excellent ratings. The Flight path of the Krait is similar to the Latitude 64 Flow, Krait-MetalFlakebut this is a taller disc at 2.3 cm. From 8 Voters, the Krait has a rating of 4.63.

My favorite driver, bar none. I carry five in the bag at all times. 2 champ (one metal flake), 1 star (Halloweenova special) and 2 Blizzards (158 and 159). I used to think nothing could be better than a Wraith..until the Krait came along. First throw and I was hooked.

It has the same turn as a Wraith, but with quite a bit less fade on the tail end of the flight. Thrown flat and hard and it will hold a straight line for a very long time (I’ve had a few go out past 320 dead straight) with a bit of fade at the end. It holds a hyzer to perfection, and I recorded my first forehand ace with this disc.

Westside Northman – The Westside Northman is a far flying distance driver with a nice S turn. This disc has some Westside Northmanunderstable turn, but a strong end of flight fade to give it an overall neutral flight. Reviewers love the quality plastic that Westside discs use. From 5 votes, the Northman has a rating of 4.6.

Kyle Stauffer Says:

This is my workhorse distance driver! I absolutely love this disc! It has a fantastic S-curve that just bombs. For me the flight pattern is extremely similar to the innova orc – my previous go-to driver. However, the glide on this disc is just ridiculous. The plastic is gorgeous and indestructible – what’s not to love?

Innova Beast – this classic Innova disc is still loved by many. The Beast had more votes, 13, than any other disc in this Innova Beast Drivercategory, but had a slightly lower rating at 4.38.

Reuben Says:

If you are going to get in to the warp-speed drivers you need to take a stop with the Beast. Still one of my furthest discs to where I can push 375+ on a good throw. Great for hyzer flips and subtle s curves but and overall very workable disc. If I had to play a round with Just one max distance driver it would be a Beast.

I can’t say anything bad about any of these discs. I haven’t played much with the Northman, but the Flow, Krait, Beast, and Saint are flat out awesome. Trust reviewers.


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