Top Rated Speed 11 Distance Drivers

According to our reviewers, here are the best speed 11 drivers:

Latitude 64 Flow – The Flow is a relatively straight driver with incredible glide. It offers some turn, moderate fade. From 5 different votes, the Flow has a rating of 4.8.

Latitude 64 Flow - Top rated speed 11 driver.Michael says:

A GL Flow became my go to driver for anything that was dead straight and 350′-390′ just more than a year ago, and I’m still throwing that same exact disc for that toss. It’s glidey with predictable turn, and just a straight finish with a very, very slight hook just before touching down. It’s my go to distance driver and has opened a whole new combination of distance and accuracy that I’ve not before known.

Innova Wraith – The Wraith is perhaps the most popular speed 11 driver ever. Players often compare the way other drivers fly with the Wraith. This overstable driver has some turn, a nice strong fade, and is highly recommended for forehand/sidarm throws. From 11 votes, this disc has a rating of 4.64.

Innova WraithRakoz says:

If you have mastered basic form on sidearm and find yourself looking for a faster disc I highly recommend the wraith. It has been my go to controlled sidearm driver since release and no matter what “new and shiny” disc comes out I keep going back to the wraith. Good sidearm and backhand so it is versatile.

Innova Krait – The Krait is has a flight path that is very similar to  the Flow, but this disc is taller and has a deeper rim.. This is one of Innova’s newest distance drivers, and highly regarded. From 8 votes it has a rating of 4.63.

Innova Krait Speed 11 DriverAndrew Belet says:

My favorite driver, bar none. I carry five in the bag at all times. 2 champ (one metal flake), 1 star (Halloweenova special) and 2 Blizzards (158 and 159). I used to think nothing could be better than a Wraith..until the Krait came along. First throw and I was hooked.

It has the same turn as a Wraith, but with quite a bit less fade on the tail end of the flight. Thrown flat and hard and it will hold a straight line for a very long time (I’ve had a few go out past 320 dead straight) with a bit of fade at the end. It holds a hyzer to perfection, and I recorded my first forehand ace with this disc.

Discraft Surge SS – This less overstable version of the Surge has some very good reviews. Discraft gives the SS a stability score of 1.6, slightly less stable than the regular surge. From seven votes by reviewers on our website, the Surge has a rating of 4.57.

Surge-Z-SSCali Zac 89 says:

Surge SS is BUTTAH! Sidearm distance with it about 300-350 every time. So predictable when it comes to turn and fade, I don’t need to watch the flight to know where it will land. Perfect companion to bridge the gap between my flat dx surge and pop top z surge.

Great beginner driver!


Discraft Surge – This maximum distance driver offers incredible Glide and a nice consistent fade. Discraft gives this disc a stability rating of 1.7.  From 11 different votes, the surge has a rating of 4.57.

Discraft Surge Distance DriverAaron W says:

Discraft makes some great over-stable discs that are still beginner friendly. This reminds me of the Crush with a bit less turn. Very much like a rookie Nuke. Great all-around disc for newer players looking for something that can take a bit more power for drives while still resisting turnover. RHBH gildes like a shorter but more accurate Nuke. Forearm throwers will like the controlled turn with less power, and smooth S-curve lines with a touch more snap. Great for doglegs and fairway shots.

Speed 11 is just a good one for me. I really like Surges, the Flow and the Krait. Great speed for distance. All of these are excellent discs.


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