How To Play Disc Golf In The Snow Without Losing Your Discs

On rare occasions, both disc and ribbon submerged below the snow. Even when this happened, the bright disc and ribbon were still partially visible through the thin layer of snow.

Using packaging tape, I simply taped a three foot long ribbon on top of the disc. After sixteen holes (using just the one disc for every drive and mid range shot), my tape fell off of my ESP Surge. The ribbon stayed on for the entire round for the Pro-D Buzzz and Surge that my brother used. Perhaps Duct tape would hold the ribbon better in the elements, and from our experience, the tape did seem to stay better on cheap Pro-D plastic discs. When applying the tape, make sure you do it inside to a room temperature disc with room temperature tape.

Once my ribbon was gone, my drives went a lot farther, but It was substantially harder to find my disc. Well worth the loss in distance for a more enjoyable round of snow DG. I’d estimate the riven reduced my distance by about 30%.

3. Be the first group to play after a new snowfall. When there were no footprints around, it was easy to see where discs went in the snow. When footprints were around, not so much. Especially after my ribbon fell off.

4. Bring a Towel and Keep it Dry. While the snow I played in was fairly dry, it was still nice to dry the disc off before each throw. The only problem was that my towel kept getting dragged in the deep snow. For other rounds of snow disc golf I’ve played I wore a jacket with a big pocket in the front. This made the perfect place to hold my towel, and my glove while I threw. When the snow is so light that your bag sinks 4 inches, chances are your towel will get wet.

The way the ribbon sticks out of the snow is really cool. I’ve also heard that using the BlackJack LED discs works in the snow. The light shines and you can see it through the snow. Haven’t tried it, but that could be a good way to find discs without the drag caused by ribbons.


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