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Last year a disc golf course was built in my area. I started playing regularly, and like so many of us, got addicted to the sport. I’d played a few times when I lived in Arizona and Texas a few years back, but owned only a Wham-o Frisbee starter set. At the time, I assumed there were just three discs: putter, midrange, and driver, and I couldn’t even really tell what the difference was between my midrange and driver. I had no idea what stability was, or that there were plastics of higher quality that wouldn’t get dings after every throw.

Eventually, I discovered Innova, and spent hours on their website learning about all the different types of discs, their flight paths, plastic varieties, their flight rating system, and about disc golf in general. This information was very useful for helping me to understand the sport and the different types of golf discs. My co-worker, Kirk Salisbury and I decided that we wanted to start a disc golf blog from the perspective of beginners.  I started purchasing as many Innova discs as I could, and we tested them at a nearby park to discover how they flew, and which discs worked best for us. Soon I discovered there were other disc manufacturers as well, but these manufacturers didn’t always have the same flight ratings and information that Innova had.

We acquired discs from most of the major manufacturers, and eventually decided that we might as well become a disc retailer. So we did.

There are lots of different online disc retailers out there. We wanted to be different. We wanted to be better. Our goal was to provide the online shopper with all the information necessary to “find the perfect disc.” There are literally hundreds of different discs for sale by over a dozen different manufacturers. Most disc golfers don’t want to buy and test every disc in order to find the best ones.

Here are a few things that we have done to make disc buying experience better:

1. Search By Specific Criteria – Our “find the perfect disc” search engine allows you to narrow down your disc search criteria by almost everything imaginable. Search by disc speed, glide, turn, fade, stability, flight path, player skill level, recommended use, rim width, plastic grade, floating discs, glowing discs, and more. If you know you want a highly rated understable distance driver, simply select “distance drivers,” “understable,” “5 Star Rating,” and our search engine will show discs by all brands that match this criteria.


2. Standardized Flight Paths and Disc Dimensions – We have partnered with Inbounds Disc Golf to provide a standardized system of flight ratings for every disc, regardless of manufacturer. Using this data, we’ve also added Innova style flight ratings (Speed, Glide, Turn, Fade) to Discraft, Millennium, Vibram, MVP, Lightning, Ching, ABC , and other disc brands that don’t use this system.


3. Additional Disc Info – Plain and simple, our site just provides more information about each disc we sell. We display the discs diameter, height, rim depth, and rim width for every disc. We also provide information about each discs recommended use, and which skill level it is best suited for.


4. Ratings and Reviews – Because we have ratings and reviews from hundreds of different disc golfers, our site helps disc golfers to narrow down their searches to the top rated golf discs. Easily sort by top rated discs, then read the real, unbiased, reviews to determine which discs to actually buy. Would you rather listen to what the manufacturer says about their own disc, or what real disc golfers have experienced?


5. Easily Compare Discs by All Manufacturers – Perhaps you’re familiar with Innova, but want to branch out and try discs from other brands. Our site makes this easy. You can simply input your Innova discs flight ratings, then come up with a list of all the related discs. In addition, at the bottom of each page is a selection of four of the most similar discs based on disc speed and stability.

Similar Discs for Sale

Infinite Discs is still a work in process. We are continually working to make things better to provide disc golfers with the best online shopping experience. Eventually we hope to include live inventory data, and even more search options.

Please check out our website, rate and review the discs you like, enter to win free discs, and let us know what we can do to improve.


Here’s an article we submitted to that explains a little bit about our website and what we are trying to do.


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