Prodigy Golf Discs – Taking The Market By Storm

Prodigy Discs — a completely new disc line for 2013 that will include distanace drivers, fairway drivers, midrange discs, and putters of varying stabilities. This brand new line should include some pretty amazing discs, especially for professionals, and I’ll tell you why….


I’m pretty on top of my disc golf manufacturers. I know of, and have tested discs by most of them including brands like Skyquest, ABC, Legacy, and Prodiscus. Until today I had never even seen a Prodigy Golf Disc. (Still haven’t, not to many have actually.)

Well, this morning I discovered that pretty much all the top young pros in the world have left their current sponsors, and will be sporting these new unheard of discs. We’re talking about Paul Ulibarri, Cale Leiviska, Will Shusterisck, Nikko Locastro, Garrett Gurthi, Ricky Wyskoski, Jeremy Koling, Catrina Allen, Sarah Hokum, and Paige Pierce.

Wow. When did this occur?

This has got to be the biggest shakeup in the disc golf world ever. There’s obviously gotta be some big money involved for these major pros to leave the biggest players in Innova and Discraft.

The new Prodigy line of discs also must be something special, at least above average. We all know that having the right discs has a huge impact on a disc golfers game. Would these pros be willing to leave the proven trusted discs they had grown up with for solely for filthy lucre?

Probably not. Because without the right discs, they won’t win. If they don’t win, they won’t make money from tournaments. If they don’t win majors, they lose fame, and sponsor credibility.

In addition, to most of these young all stars, winning is probably an equally driving force as the almighty dollar. Money can’t be the only reason they switched.

This really is a remarkable strategy for entering the disc golf world. Most companies would manufacturer a disc or to, sell it, try and makes some profits, then after some success would try and get some pros. Not Prodigy. This company had big visions, big dreams, and conquered the unimaginable. I mean literally a dozen top pros to be your team before you even sell discs… Who does that?

Even though I haven’t seen a disc yet, I like what I see and think these guys have some serious potential. I for one am going to get my hands on some of these prodigy discs as soon as possible.


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