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On Sale Discs – Cheapest Golf Discs Anywhere!

If you’re looking for the best deal on disc golf discs, this is where you need to be. The discs on this page are marked down from our already low prices. These on sale discs change regularly, due to inventory, demand, etc. If you see an on sale disc you want, buy it while its on sale. For each discounted disc on this page, the price of disc in each plastic is as follows:


DX – $6.95
Pro – $9.95
Champion – $12.95
Star – $13.95


Pro-D – $6.88
Elite-X – $9.19
Z-Line – $12.18
ESP/FLX – $13.55

MVP Discs

Proton – $13.98
Neutron – $14.98
Eclipse – $17.40

Latitude 64

Opto Line – $12.84
Gold Line – $13.74


X-Link – $15.98

These prices rock, and all the discs that are on sale are loved by all the reviewers. Super time to stock up on plastic. Too bad it’s so blasted cold outside.


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