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I started a new Blog Just About Disc Golf. Here is the First Post:

About a year ago, a disc golf course was built in my area, and to say the least, it has changed my life.

Now I had payed disc golf a few times when I lived in other areas, but never really got “into” the sport. A year ago, I didn’t own a single golf disc, and had never even heard of Innova or Discraft. Now, I not only know of just about every disc manufacturer out there, but actually own nearly all of their discs. I play disc golf every week, even though it’s bitter cold and there is more than a foot of snow, and practice putting in my basement almost daily. Life changing… Absolutely.

It all started with a course that was conveniently located near my in-laws house. I started playing with my father in law, and before I knew it, it was all I could think about. Every time I went to their house, I wanted to throw frisbees around. I even wanted to go to my in-laws because of the nearby course!

As I began learning about different discs, different plastics, and they way they fly differently, I had to have more. My co-worker Kirk started playing disc golf with me, and out of the blue we decided to make a disc golf review website, just for fun. So we did.

In no time we started getting hundreds of hits each day to the site. When a local retailer went out of business, I thought, why not buy them out, I love disc golf. Well, the owner of the previous company was less than competent, and wouldn’t negotiate with us, so we ended up simply starting our own online disc golf store.

via Disc Golf Adventures | It’s All About The Plastic.


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