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20130130-224506.jpgThe new Prodigy Golf discs have got to be the most hyped of new discs ever. A company that came out of nowhere and immediately formed a team of all the top disc golfers in the world, has to make some amazing, revolutionary, discs right?


That’s what they say. But until I actually get to test these discs for myself, I’ll just assume they are just another golf disc.


And this brings up the dilemma.

Most disc golfers haven’t even touched a Prodigy disc. Even those who want them can’t get their hands on them because there just isn’t enough supply of these things. I (and my one year old son) happen to be among the select few who have actually touched Prodigy discs already. I can say that they really do feel good. Like a gummier champion plastic. But, I can’t throw them to see how they fly. My problem is that there is literally two feet of snow on the ground right now in Logan Utah. Sure, I can still throw a disc in the snow, but the chance of not being able to find it are very, very high. With discs as valuable as Prodigy’s I can’t risk losing them

via The Prodigy Dilemma | Disc Golf Adventures.


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