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The 10th Anniversary Buzzz Will Sell Out

ImageWhen Discraft announce there hot new discs for the Memorial Championship, I’ll be honest, I was disappointed. They really didn’t announce anything new at all, just remakes and new plastic lines of their existing disc molds.

Now while the Buzzz is a great disc, a 10 Year Anniversary remake was nothing that excited me.

Well, within seconds of Discrafts announcement, my friend Bob asked if we’d have these “10th Anniversary Buzzz’s” available. I had no idea. About a week later I found at that  yes we could have these discs. But only 50 of them because Discraft was only producing a limited amount of these (10,000), and that they were going to be “the collectors item of the decade.”

Now this claim that they would be the collectors item of the decade really seemed farce to me.

Now I believe it just might be true… The Buzzz is a beloved disc, and looks like one that is especially fond to collectors.

At about 10:30 MST last night I made a little post about offering the 10th Anniversary Edition for Pre-Order. I didn’t try and promote it anywhere or anything. Within 10 minutes we had a sale. By 7:30 in the morning the next day, the stock set aside for pre-sale was completely sold out.

It looks like the world has a lot more disc collectors than I thought. And while 10,000 discs may seem like a lot, with the demand like this, I’m predicting that Discraft will sell out of all of these very quickly.