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The Need for Overnight Mail

Funny Experience..

So Sunday Night we got an order for a disc that requested “overnight shipping.” Now, overnight shipping isn’t cheap, in fact it’s $20 to send a single golf disc.

It’s not very often that we have people pay for express mail. When we have in the past, it’s usually because somebody lost a trusted disc, and they need a replacement in time for a tournament they are playing for.

Well, the order we received on Sunday wasn’t even for a person. It was for a dog. Here is an excerpt from a post I wrote about it on

DogwithDiscHave you ever had a frisbee golf disc you couldn’t live without? One that feels so good, you want to take it with you wherever you go?

Well. This dog, we’ll call her Tess, has the disc she can’t live without. It’s a dark yellow Innova Max.

Tess is addicted to this disc, and unfortunately dropped it in a pond last week. Without her favorite frisbee, she was “going crazy.” Her owners purchased a new pink disc for her. She refused to even touch it.

They purchased a white disc for her. Not acceptable either.

Finally, after days of frustration they ordered a duplicate (dark yellow) Max from, and had it overnighted to Georgia. After some breaking in (rubbing a little dirt on it),  Tess realized that this Max was just like her lost disc. She is finally happy again and even took it with her to bed last night.

Despite the fact that Tess loves it, the Max is a disc you might love if you’re looking for something SUPER OVERSTABLE. This is a meat hook that will provide some serious fade for even the most powerful arm.

The Max is available in durable yet soft star plastic. It has a thick, but blunt rim (perfect to withstand the wear and tear of a dog).

via Innova Max | Disc Golf Reviewer.


Review of Aerobie Golf Discs

One of the best birthday presents I ever got as a kid was an Aerobie. This orange and black flying ring was amazing. I could throw it twice as far as any frisbee, and it was so easy to catch — just stick your arm up through the hole. Aerobie made the farthest flying disc in the world. It broke its own Guiness Record when Eric Hemmings through an Aerobie 1,333 feet in 2003.

It turns out that Aerobie makes golf discs too. With decades of experience producing far flying discs, they should make some pretty good golf discs right?


That’s what I had hoped for.


About a year ago I tested out two of Aerobies golf discs: The Epic and Arrow. These discs were both atypical. The Epic has this crazy elliptical ultra thick rim, and the Arrow was just an uncomfortable putter. I was not impressed with either of these discs.


While shopping at a local sporting goods store I saw that there were three additional Aerobie golf discs available: SharpShooter 1 (driver), SharpShooter 2 (midrange), and SharpShooter 3 (putter). I had to try them out, and had hopes that they would be good Aerobie discs I could use.


After handling these golf discs, my first observation was how thick and hard the plastic is. Even Z and Champion plastics are somewhat flexible, but not Aerobie discs. The center of these discs is hard as rock, and hardly bends at all.


To my disappointment, the SharpShooters weren’t ordinary golf discs with amazing Aerobie Glide. On the outside rim they have a weird set of “steps” that are uncomfortable to hold. The steps are supposed to provide “aerodynamic lift” for the discs, but after my experience throwing, the only thing the steps do is create a whistling noise  (which probably also adds drag and slows the discs down).


I took my Aerobie discs out for a test round. My first throw with the #1 SharpShooter quickly hooked left into a tree. After a few throws, the only thing I was surprised with was that my SharpShooters hard plastic didn’t actually knock any tree branches down.

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