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Noodle Arm Disc Golf’s March Mold Mania!

A little fun for disc golf March Madness.

Noodle Arm Disc Golf

It’s that time of year again.

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and my knowledge of college basketball still remains at an all-time low. But, year in and year out, I pick a March Madness bracket anyway, because apparently I don’t like money.

Honestly, though, March Madness is one of my favorite times of the year, because it brings back memories of getting the gang together for a couple days of basketball and debauchery that is rivaled by few other sporting events. Beyond trying to actually cash in with a decent bracket showing, the trash talking, buzzer beaters and more trash talking make the investment worth the loss.

But as I’ve grown older and found less free time on my hands, watching NCAA hoops throughout the season hasn’t exactly been priority number one in life, so my bracket usually becomes a crap shoot. For the past couple seasons…

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The Folf Club

Check out this new invention. “The Folf Club

Essentially, it’s a stick that uses leverage to help you fling disc golf discs with minimal effort. When I saw it, my initial thought was that it would be pretty difficult to actually throw discs accurately using this thing, but it is definitely something I want to try out.

When I was a kid I had a toy for launching snow balls. It was a stick with a cup at the end. Put a snow ball in the cup, swing the stick, and watch the snow ball fly farther than I could ordinarily throw.  It was a lot of fun throwing snow balls with this thing, but for actual snow ball fights, it just wasn’t very accurate — especially for short range throws. I imagine flinging discs with the Folf Club will be pretty similar.

If the Folf Club actually is easy to use, then this could help take the sport to a new level.

Half the fun of disc golf is watching discs fly, and fly, and fly. If you can make a golf disc fly farther, why not?

It takes a lot of time, technique, and practice to make a golf disc fly 300+ feet. I’d say the average person who shows up at the course can’t throw this far. Being unable to throw as far as the people you golf with can be really frustrating.

If new players can use a tool that helps them throw discs farther, they’re more likely to become passionate about the game, and create more demand for additional disc golf courses.

This project to create Folf clubs is currently trying to receive funding. What amazes me is all of the negative feedback. Many are adamantly opposed to this potential product. It’s like they feel their faith is being challenged and the Folf Club will ruin disc golf.

I don’t get it. Why be opposed to something that has the potential to improve ones disc golf game? Should we go back to the days when the Innova Aero was the farthest flying disc in the world? I’m pretty sure most disc golfers prefer playing with our modern distance drivers…

One of the huge complaints about the Folf Club is that it’s not PDGA approved.

Well yeah. And it probably won’t ever be. It’s not even mass produced yet.

To me this is a terrible argument. 99% of disc golf played is not at PDGA sanctioned tournaments. Most people out on the courses have no interest in ever playing in organized tournaments. Why take away something that could potentially help frolfers have more fun on the course?

While I’m skeptical that the Folf Disc will have an actual impact on disc golf courses, it is an invention I want to see and test out. If it does work well, it can help increase the popularity of disc golf. Nobody will be forced to use this thing, and we have freedom to choose which tools we want and don’t want to use for our recreation.

The 10th Anniversary Buzzz Will Sell Out

ImageWhen Discraft announce there hot new discs for the Memorial Championship, I’ll be honest, I was disappointed. They really didn’t announce anything new at all, just remakes and new plastic lines of their existing disc molds.

Now while the Buzzz is a great disc, a 10 Year Anniversary remake was nothing that excited me.

Well, within seconds of Discrafts announcement, my friend Bob asked if we’d have these “10th Anniversary Buzzz’s” available. I had no idea. About a week later I found at that  yes we could have these discs. But only 50 of them because Discraft was only producing a limited amount of these (10,000), and that they were going to be “the collectors item of the decade.”

Now this claim that they would be the collectors item of the decade really seemed farce to me.

Now I believe it just might be true… The Buzzz is a beloved disc, and looks like one that is especially fond to collectors.

At about 10:30 MST last night I made a little post about offering the 10th Anniversary Edition for Pre-Order. I didn’t try and promote it anywhere or anything. Within 10 minutes we had a sale. By 7:30 in the morning the next day, the stock set aside for pre-sale was completely sold out.

It looks like the world has a lot more disc collectors than I thought. And while 10,000 discs may seem like a lot, with the demand like this, I’m predicting that Discraft will sell out of all of these very quickly.




Filling The Void With Disc Golf

Why Play Disc Golf

Disc Gofl BasketI have always loved sports and competition. Growing up I constantly played sports with my friends. There is great satisfaction that comes from mastering something, and the thrill of winning is priceless.

My big holdup with the popular sports is that my genetics held me back from ever really having a chance. As a kid, I was small and o so skinny. As a Sophomore in high school I was 5’4” and 120lbs. Not exactly stock to land a position on the football or basketball teams. With my genetic disadvantage I turned my athletic energies to sports like Volleyball (not very popular for boys) and Ultimate Frisbee. I thrived off these sports in college and have several intramural champion tee shirts to remind me of my glory days.

The reality is that even those days are gone. After a basketball injury and knee surgery, I’ve lost the quickness and jumping ability I once had. In addition, as a 33 year old adult, with children and responsibilities, it’s hard to get people together for any sort of athletic event.

I thought my days of sports were all but done from a competitive perspective, that is, until I discovered disc golf.

Disc golf is a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone. It can be both an individual and a team sport. There are no size barriers, and can be played by old and young alike. It can be done for pure recreation, exercise, or can get as competitive and serious as you want. You can play a round by yourself, with a friend, or in a tournament.

One of the best things about disc golf, is that it is very inexpensive to get into. You can buy discs for less than $10, and most courses are free. Better yet, you don’t actually even need a course. Frisbee golf can be enjoyed while camping or at any park. Simply select a target and see how many throws it takes you to hit it. Disc golf courses also offer a solution to underutilized space. You don’t need a specially groomed field or fences. In fact, wooded hilly terrain make for more challenging courses.

Disc golf requires decision making and athletic ability. There are literally hundreds of different frisbees to chose from that fly and behave in different manners. One can achieve great satisfaction by watching a flying disc glide the length of a football field.

If you’re looking for a hobby, something to focus on to remind your self that you’re alive, take up disc golf; you won’t regret it.

Cheapest Frolf Discs on the Internet | Infinite Discs

On Sale Discs – Cheapest Golf Discs Anywhere!

If you’re looking for the best deal on disc golf discs, this is where you need to be. The discs on this page are marked down from our already low prices. These on sale discs change regularly, due to inventory, demand, etc. If you see an on sale disc you want, buy it while its on sale. For each discounted disc on this page, the price of disc in each plastic is as follows:


DX – $6.95
Pro – $9.95
Champion – $12.95
Star – $13.95


Pro-D – $6.88
Elite-X – $9.19
Z-Line – $12.18
ESP/FLX – $13.55

MVP Discs

Proton – $13.98
Neutron – $14.98
Eclipse – $17.40

Latitude 64

Opto Line – $12.84
Gold Line – $13.74


X-Link – $15.98

These prices rock, and all the discs that are on sale are loved by all the reviewers. Super time to stock up on plastic. Too bad it’s so blasted cold outside.

Best Speed Nine Disc Golf Drivers | Infinite Discs

Best Speed 9 Drivers

Speed nine drivers are fast enough that they can go the distance, but slow enough that they can still be used by newer disc golfers. There are sixteen discs on our sites that we classify with a speed 9, and these discs typically have moderate sized rims (1.8-2 cm wide).

When it comes to highly rated discs, there are plenty of them in the speed nine category. Because most of the discs in this speed level can be used by players of all skill levels, they are well liked. Five of the sixteen discs have 5 star — must have, ratings. Here are the top four:

Discraft Predator – This very overstable disc is highly recommended for forehand shots. This disc has a unique groove on top, and Discraft Predatormany consider this the best disc for throwing into wind. From nine votes, the Predator has a rating of 4.89.

JMan Says:

The Predator is THE overstable driver in Discraft’s line. For me it went up against a Firebird I had and beat it hands down. The Firebird was just one giant hyzer even released flat. The Predator would track straight and fade, hard, even in strong headwinds. Great for sidearms as well.

Innova Roadrunner – This understable disc is the perfect first distance driver for newer players. Almost all our reviewers of the Innova RoadrunnerRoadrunner agree that this disc is a star rating of 4.89.

Steve Says:

The Roadrunner is a truly underrated disc. For people with less power, it is easy to get up to speed for straight shots. Put enough snap on it, and you get nice turnover lines. Go huge on it for rollers. The only thing it doesn’t handle well is wind. While many might think it is just for noodle arms, it can truly fit anyone’s style.

Latitude 64 Saint If you’re looking for max distance for average arm speed, the Saint it is. This Latitude 64 disc is all about the Glide. More disc golfers have reviewed the Saint than any other speed nine driver. From 11 votes, the Saint has a rating of 4.82.

Lat 64 Saint - Top rated discMichael Says:

What a beautiful disc, both the plastic and the flight. I picked one up at 168g in Gold Line plastic. From the first toss, I was hooked. I throw this disc in the 350′ range. This disc throws quite a bit like the Flow but with less effort. Power down a bit, snap good spin on it and just put it on a line, then stand back and watch this thing glide effortlessly.

I can’t say enough about this disc, and Latitude as a company as a whole. Their quality, flight paths, feel, durability and glide of their plastic is just unmatched by any other company I’ve come across.

Innova Valkyrie – As the disc that held the world distance record for a decade, the Valkyrie has been a popular selection by disc Innova Valkyrie - 5 Star Drivergolfers of all skill levels. From 13 votes, the Valkyrie has a rating of 4.69.

Mark Says:

This is my absolute favorite distance driver. It give me good distance, I can modify the lines for different holes, and get great accuracy from it nearly every shot. I can throw it backhand or forehand, and it’s OK overhand too. It powers down well, and works great for almost anything. I would recommend this disc to anyone looking at drivers.

I love the Roadrunner and the Saint. Two of my favorite discs that go the distance for me.

If you want more distance, go with speed 9 drivers. They are the bomb. (At least for average players like me).

Good Frisbee Golf Discs for Beginners

Beginner Tips – What Discs To Buy?

Choosing the Right DiscsFor a new disc golfer, determining which discs to buy can be really confusing. There are literally hundreds of different frisbee golf discs currently manufactured, multiple plastic grades, and varying weights.

Which discs and options should you choose?

My advice to beginners is to keep it simple. When you’re first starting out, you don’t need a full bag of discs, a starter set of three is sufficient. It’s more important to perfect your technique while getting used to a few beginner friendly discs.

What discs are beginner friendly?

For distance purposes, light weight understable discs are generally best. Golf discs typically weigh between 150 and 175 grams. Understable discs are easier to control, get more distance, and produce less fade than other drivers for players with slower arm speeds.

Faster is not always better. For beginners, midrange discs may fly farther than distance drivers. A fairway driver like the Innova Leopard or Latitude 64 River will likely perform better than any distance driver. For newer disc golfers, I recommend considering discs with a speed no greater than 9.

At Infinite Discs, we have several tools to help new disc golfers buy the right discs.

Disc Buying Guide
Disc golf has its own terminology. We offer a guide that explains things such as stability, disc speed, fade, turn, plastic differences, disc brands and more.

Find The Perfect Disc Search Engine
Within our “find the perfect disc” search one of the options is “player skill level.” By selecting “beginner” your disc search will narrow down the infinite options to only those discs recommended for new players. Add some options such disc type and star rating, and choosing a great disc will be easy.

Beginner Sets
We have four different disc golf sets designed specifically for beginners. These sets include three different discs: a driver, midrange disc, and putter.

For beginners, you really want to focus on getting a consistent throwing motion. It’s amazing how much difference there is between discs, and the way they fly. If a new player uses too many discs to begin with, it is harder to develop that proper technique and will cause more frustration.

Also, new players need to realize that they don’t have to use the “drivers” for drives. It may be best to just use the mid range disc until you get confident, and if there is less distance from mid range throws, it will be very minimal at first.

Love to see disc golf growing. If you’re a beginner. Buy some discs, you won’t regret it.